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The Trash Talkin’ Preacher was originally made from an old 30 gallon (120 liter) galvanized steel trash can.

The Trash Talkin' Preacher is the sort of religious or political zealot who thinks he has the truth of your salvation--and will kill you to make you believe it, or to keep you from believing anything else. I first found him in an alley--his bottom lip already bent down in a snarl and leer and I realized, I had only to crack the lid a certain way and his mouth would be complete. Scrap sheet steel and old welding rod completed his head along with some cheap teddy bear eyes. A friend gave me a bag of old tennis shoes and I made the Bible he's waving out of steel (Now that gives hardback a whole new meaning!)



A small, more cheerful and far less demented version was made as a gift for my wife’s uncle, Rev. Charles C. Yarborough of the United Church of Christ in Lexington, NC.

Uncle Charles has dealt with a number of life’s downtrodden so it pleased and amused me to take a picture of the small trash can preaching to a large dumpster.  I call the photo, “An Ambitious Conversion.”




















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