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I named my peacock Whistler, after the fabulous Peacock Room at the Freer Gallery in Washington.  Originally created for Alfred Leyland by the American painter James A.B.M. Whistler, it depicts two male peacocks fighting over money (Whistler and Leyland).


My peacock is an imposing masterpiece.  The body is made from a freon can; the wings from a shovel cut in half lengthways and covered with small trowels and electric motor sprockets; the neck is the remaining handle of the shovel, topped with a piece of cut pipe and brass compression nuts for eye sockets.  His magnificent tail is made from motor sprockets, bottle caps; and three dozen stainless steel spoons!  (We didn't eat soup or ice cream fora month afterwards!) The legs are a small grass thatcher with both claws and a beak created of hammered nails. There is a good close up picture in the two pictures below.



















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