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Jacob's Ladder  

Steel,  40 inches high (1 meter) on an eight ft tall steel pole.



This piece was suprise.  I came into the studio after lunch expecting to make a whimscal animal and this face came out.  I did not cut a whole face and then cut out a section.  The face was draw and cut this way.  I looked at it a while, trying to figure out what went in the

blank area.  It were as if a voice said to me, "A ladder, jacob's Ladder."  So I made the ladder and placed it at an angle to the face. Little steel figures welded on it representing people moving out of

this universe and into he mind of God.

The piece came together so easily and rapidly, that I could not believe I was finished.  I spent another 4 hours in the studio trying out things to add to the piece, but, finally just stripped  them off to leave the piece the way it was.  It sold shortly thereafter.

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