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Modern Steel and Glass gate & Trellis

Private commission.

I was commission to create a gate and large trellis design for a couple not far from my studio.  They wanted very clean lines and very modern feel for it, which was very appropriate to the style of home and décor they had.

The trellis was to be 17 ft high and 27 ft long (5.2 m x 8.3 m) in their back garden with an archway for several evergreen clematis.

I have figured out a way, which I have never seen used elsewhere, to incorporate fancy designs in stained glass with out it breaking or coming apart after a few years in the weather.  They were not opposed to my incorporating some color to accent the jet black.

At the final design meeting, I thought things were all ready to go when the husband spoke up, “I want Hindu symbols incorporating and honoring my wife’s religious heritage worked into the design.” 

She gave him one of those startled, marital, “We have not discussed any such thing!” looks.  But said, “Yes.”

Well, I was at a loss because my impression of their religious symbols was one of ornate lines and details, utterly at odds with the proposed design.  In the end, I read several books on the religion, learned a lot more than I had known before and incorporated abstract designs of their symbols into the work, including several stained glass “OOms,” the basic harmony of the universe. 

The gate entrance to their garden was the only thing that photographed well, the rest of the trellis was too large to get a good photo of.  Note the blue stained glass set in this and the steel panel on the left, does not move, rather, acts as an extension of the brick gate post. 




















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