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Paradise Trellis

Paradise Trellis

8 ft high (2.3m)  steel scrap powder coated gold


This unusual trellis was designed for a retired priest’s garden.  The word paradise originally meant “garden,” and Father George Hale certainly has a wonderful “paradise.” (The pictures of this piece were made in my wife’s garden.)

What is truly unusual about it is it is designed for the vines and flowers to grow through rather than just on the surface.

And there is an unusual story about this trellis.  Shortly after it was installed, vandals destroyed Father Hale’s garden of more than 30 years in the building—they tore up bricks from garden paths, dragged heavy cement benches and threw them into the creek, tore up plants.  Parishioners were appalled, of course, and soon, dozens of people had turned out to repair the garden.  One thing did not need repair.

The vandals had left the Angel untouched in the middle of the garden.























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