Years ago, I rented an 8000 sq ft (800 sq meter) studio in a downtown Raleigh warehouse. 

When I got out of the business of trying to supply about 100

galleries around the USA with yard art, see to private commissions and supervise employees,

I simply built a workshop behind my home in my garden. 

Not all my dinosauers, flying machines, rocket ships, etc.,

could be plopped down in the garden.  So.  I went door to door around the neighborhood, looking for

likely spots and nice lawns. 

Then, I'd just knock on the door and ask a startled neighbor something along the lines of,

"Excuse me, but would you like to have a 14 ft long dinosauer made of Honda parts in your front yard?" 


A amazing number of them said yes.  In fact, the main complaint I've had is that there has not been

enough sculpture available for all the people willing to display it.

Anyway, to set an example to the kids in tis neighborhood that being an artist is a viable career

option, and to encourage my neighbors to try sculpting. I have set up a web site and walking tour

of about a dozen outdoor sculptures in a three or four block area around my home.

Go to the web site and download the five page walk guide about each of the sculptures as well as

directions on how to get here.     I would particularly like to thank Amy Gallagher of Lowlande Design

for creating the web site, and David Lassiter and Ted Stevenson, my life long neighbors for

being good sorts and helping me move th sculpture around and set it up.