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Mail Man Chair

Mail Man Chair

(not for sale)

A few years ago while taking down my mailbox, I noticed how like a face it looked.  Even more, how much it looked like my postal carrier at the time, a black man who wore a ball cap. I stuck some teddy bear eyes in the screw holes in the back of the box, bent up the top of the mail box like a ball cap (it already said “Mail”), and there he was!  A friend had left me an old, very comfortable, metal deck chair, so I made it into the rest of the mail man’s body.  He’s just relaxing, grilling a steak after work.

In fact, I use him when I grill—his hands are clasped just so they hold a beer can and steak fork, his feet (made of old bike seats) are great footrests and I added wheels so it can roll around.

He’s too chilled to be likely to “go postal.”























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