Burning "Spirit Money" at one of two large furnaces in front of the temple.

Below, Spirit Money for sale

The View coming up to Wu Li

As mentioned on the other page, there are amusements for kids at Wu Li.  Here, David Lee Thompson

seems a bit miffed he doesn't fit in this ride or he lacks a NT$10 coin

Literally, a raft of turtles at Wu Li.  Turtles are a symbol of Longevity.  There are statues of

herons in the little enclosure here, too.  I presume, they're to keep the real ones away from eating the

turtle young.

From Wu Li and from the other "big Guy" Temple, we could see the large Buddha being built across the lake

We have no idea what this temple was about, but at 6 stories tall, it is impressive.  There is a shrine on the seocnd floor and

small piers planted with banyan trees stretching out from the main figure.  Also, there was a pool of special carp or koi large enough to

saddle up and ride.  Seriously, these carp were gigantic--I was looking out for a guy with one leg and a harpoon.

Across from this lake temple and a block up the street back into the cit, was a more ornate temple with the "Three Wise Men" on top, Lu, Fu, and Shou.


See the "Three Wise Men" in the center?

People play Ma Jong and socialize in front of the temple.


Close ups of the dragons below, show the ceramic tiles laid into cement construction of the roof top


Below, a phoenix, almost as important as dragons.