TAIWAN Dec 22 Trip to Lotus Lake, Con'td. 


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Below, is a fairly plain--by comparison-- altar on the main floor behind the

slate screens seen on the last page. We had not worked up the courage to use a

flash on the camera yet.

The temples seem to be full of commerce and every day doings lik a medieval cathedral.

There are more vendors of books and incense inside, along with eating areas, waiting rooms,

possibly, living quarters and janitors closets, etc.  In one of the side waiting rooms

thee was elegant bus station furniture and an old lady knitting while watching TV.


Below, one of five chapels upstairs.  Note flowers and little bowls of nuts and sweets

on the altar before Buddha.  The elaborate gold carved Buddhas continue onto the ceilings in some cases. 

Noticethe "bee hive" of red and yellow lights to the rigt, partly obscured by flowers.

That is a column of miniature Buddhas each lit with a small yellow "Christmas tree" light.

This seems to be a very common structure in chapels. 

Dragons, phoenixes, and Fu dogs on the ceiling in this room opposite some of the other chapels.

Well, I only have room for some of the dragons---

But first, a picture of the glassed in altar front.


Below, a series of pictures of the central courtyard fountain on the upper floors.

A series of wood carved and painted dragons over a fountain and pool of goldfish. 

Opposite, a huge rectangle of

slate carved dragons, surrounded by a stone railing and more carvings. 

Terrazzo columns and floors.

The temple roof is several stories above that, so it is a protected open air court yard

in the middle of the temple.


The slate dragons facing the fountains and pool

The top of the courtyard opening to the outside  (Click Here to go to another page of tempel photos)