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Heaven or Hell ? Garden Wind Vane Angel

(2004) SOLD

Steel scrap,  11 ft tall (3.9 meters)

Who cares which way the wind blows?!--you just want to know if you're doing the right thing.  The angel and the heavens stay constant, but the direction to Heaven or Hell varies according to which way the wind blows.  Even worse, each side is labeled backwards of the other, so it really depends on which way you look

at it as to which way you're going.  You can chalk all sorts of moral

conundrums on the spinner--"right" or "wrong"  "ugly" or "beautiful,"

you get the idea. 

It should be set up in a paved area labeled "GOOD INTENTIONS."

Scroll on down...there are a lot of pictures of this piece.




Below, is the conceptual drawng I originally did for this piece

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