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Mother and Child Giraffe

Mother Giraffe stands about 6 ft 8 inches tall (about 2.1 meters)

Baby Giraffe stands about  36 inches (90 cms)

$895 for the pair


I love giraffes.  In fact, the first sculpture commission  I ever did was a 12 inch tall finally detailed giraffe.(CLICK HERE to see a picture of that)


So I am well away or giraffes aren't purple with yellow polka dots, but my giraffes just seemed to want to be that color.  I'm a very decent man, and I will not sell the baby giraffe without the mother.

The Mother Giraffe is made from an old tire rim, and pipe.  She disassembles for easy shipping.  The baby giraffe is made of a short piece of pipe, steel rod, and an old spark plug for its head.


To see two pictures scroll down.




















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