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Dillon, the Oriental Dragon

Dillon was commissioned by Anne and Ken Franklin who live in a downtown Raleigh condo overlooking the Dillon Steel Supply Warehouse.  Some of Dillon, the Oriental Dragon's parts came from there, hence the name.  Originally, I had thought to do a European style dragon, but, then, trips to Asia in 2005 changed my view of dragons.  In the Asian vew, dragons are benevolent beasts, present where peace and calm have come together.  They are often depicted as having a white pearl of perfection in their claw or mouth.  In temples, carvings of dragons and other creatures have red ribbons tied around them to prevent their coming to life.  It's not feared the dragon would do harm, but that its beneficent influence would be missed if it came to life and left the temple. 

Dillon is done in four parts, orginally meant to be mounted on the wall, he is depicted, as most Asian dragons, as a natural creatue of the sky (and does NOT need wings to fly any more than a cloud does).

The parts measure about 6 ft long (1.7 meters) when placed together end to end.  

Notice, Asian dragons have flat tails that glow with fire and tentacles.

old spoons, spark plugs, trowles, forks, a freon tank handle, pipe, washers, etc. make up Dillon's face.



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