The Giant Bead Toy

The first large bead toy I made was for a local Raleigh parents' co-op called PLAYSPACE.  It was a very popular toy,

but the space designer insisted I use polished wood for a base even though the toy was set up next to sand box.  Guess

how quickly the polished wood got scuffed up.  The others made since for church and apartment house playgrounds have

a sturdy steel base --like I originally wanted to use.  

The balls are semi clear plastic four inch hollow balls made primarily for the chemical industry.  Holes are drilled in two sides

and the inside painted with a long hndle paint brush and water based acrylic paint or wax china markers.  Since the color

is on the inside little hands don't wear it off quickly.   Painting up a ball and placing it on one of the four "wires" was turned

into a big event with parents paying a sponsorship for painting each ball with their kids.  It was a great fund raiser and

always a VERY popular toy.

In the steel version, all the "wires" can be removed from their positions (by two adults) and the wires, balls, and

steel bases easily moved and set up elsewhere if need be.