The Angel of Hands

The Angel of Hands (7'6" wide by 39" high--2.1 meters wide by 1 meter high) commissioned by a non profit arts and healing group for the chemotherapy waiting area of The Rex Hospital Cancer Center in Raleigh, NC.

To Create the piece, I went to the Rex Cancer Center for a whole day and took inpressions of the doctors' and nurses' hands along with the hands of other care givers and cancer survivors.  Those hands were blended and placed together to create the "wings" of the angel to bear up and support the patient.  Cast in resin and finished in a variety of metal powders.   Ironically, the hands of the angel herself are not real--I had to make them from scratch and attach them to the castings before final finishing.

The Angel of Hands, installed at the Rex Cancer Center, Raleigh, NC

  I added a few "feathers" in with hands


A picture of the clay in progress while sculpting the piece.  The decoration on her halo

and cloak was made by simply pressing the end of a phillips head bolt into the clay!