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seven sculptures                                                                                                          

Mesa Moonrise  6 ft wide x 4 ft high SOLD

Art Deco Garden Screen  sold

Copper Twist  8 ft long x 3 ft high  SOLD

Abstract Trellis 6 ft long x 4 ft high  SOLD

This is an example of the idea that trellises do NOT have to be geometrically balanced.  This one made for my garden is counter balanced by 80 lbs of concrete

underground.  I submerged a large pot under the central ring and plant a different vine there each year to see it climbing along the ring and the long pole.

Cloudscape Abstract Fence  SOLD

I created a series of "Abstract fences" which are basically visual and metaphorical dividers in gardens, rather than literal fences.  During the Summer, the plants grow up

to cover the base of the piece and the circles and the forged steel ribbons seem to "float" over the plants.

Calligraphy in Steel.  $1000

Inspired by Arabic calligraphy and a desire to see how nice a piece I could create with only the simplest tools, a hammer, an anvil, and a hand cranked forge of coal.  I used 1 piece of 1/4 inch thick round steel rod.   The base is custom milled polished mahogany with a strip of holly inset along the sides.   An elegant piece for an office foyer.

   Free Spirit Sailing  Steel, paint  2 ft high  SOLD