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Abstracts in Steel

Examples of steel abstracts by Joel Haas.  Click on any thumbnail picture to go to a page of enlarged photos and learn more about each piece.

OR click here to see more pages of steel abstracts

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 Mesa Moonrise 6 ft long x 4ft high, forged and welded steel and paint.


Copper Twist  8 ft long x 3 ft high, welded steel, black paint,and twisted and forged copper scrap

Art Deco Garden Screen-- steel, paint  7 ft wide x 5 ft high

Cloudscape Screen steel, paint, 8 ft wide x 4 fthigh

Abstract Trellis  steel, copper, paint  6ft wide x 4 ft high

Calligraphy in Steel  hand forged steel on mahogony and holly base

4 ft long x 20 inches high.



    Free Spirit Sailing   steel, paint, 2 ft high









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